Bruce Sulzberg

Founder SSMFA / Artist

From the time Bruce was 7 years old his parents had put him custom dissertation writing in special schools for artistic children in North Carolina because college essay helper his Dad who was artistic and painted, but chose the way of business realized there was something special about him in the arts. The first official drawing was at 2 years old. By the time Bruce was in High School he was placed in advanced classes for artists in college, earning college credits for 4 years even before he knew where he would attend.

Bruce Sulzberg graduated from San Diego State University in 1991 with a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design. After graduating Bruce went straight to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Art Direction and Production Design in the Film Industry, and for 4 years worked on many films, television series, music videos and commercials. One day, while on a break between jobs he rediscovered his passion for painting and in 1994 truly realized that his true purpose in life was to be an artist as he was actually a prodigy as a child going to many schools that specialized in art. During the next 6 years while working as a graphic designer and Art Director in the corporate world, Bruce painted at night. In 1995 his life in the art world forever changed when he exhibited for the first time at the New York Artexpo, which at that time was the largest fine-art show in the world.

During this show Bruce came up with his unique style of artwork that catches the attention of many art collectors nationwide, and that’s when his concept of 3-Dimensional art on glass was born. The idea of 3-dimensional art in his unique style gave the audience a new perspective in fine art that many people had never seen before. The concept of viewing a painting in layers as opposed to one flat image gave his work life, motion and depth that cannot be captured on canvas or paper. The first 3-dimensional series was born and stemmed from his abstract oil paintings. “ I felt that my style lends itself to not one body of work, but several themes”. The subject matter of the ocean and its kingdom came soon after that when Bruce decided to give into his passion of the world below the waves. Then came the world of the sports hero, where a moment in time can be immortalized through the motions of a paintbrush. His works of Italian landscapes and themes from the wine country shows his diversity in styles and the ability to show his collectors the depth of his understanding of the beauty in the world around us. His work of wine from the most famous wine region of the United States and abroad, is one of his favorite subjects to paint being an avid collector of wine, champagne and port. There is a beauty in the wine and the art that complement each other and this style allows you to feel like you’re always in Napa, Tuscany or anywhere that’s special to you.

logoSulzberg Sports Media & Fine Art, LLC (“SSMFA”) provides publishing, distribution and marketing for a broad range of Professional sports themed art of National and International Athletes by Bruce Sulzberg. Bruce’s 3-Dimensional Art is especially effective in dramatically presenting sports in action. The sense of motion, although frozen in time, is like witnessing it in person and seeing an athlete in the prime of their career. Mr. Sulzberg’s artistic abilities and process came from the idea of his concept of viewing a painting in layers as opposed to one flat image which gave the work life, motion and depth that cannot be captured on canvas or paper.

Bruce states, “The style of how I paint came with wanting to create a style that no one had done before and it took some tinkering and learning, and through many years I was able to perfect the style. It was very difficult because the paint does not adhere to the acrylic well at all. It’s extremely translucent. I have to put many coats on, so it looks like a solid color. After a few layers of paint, I blend and feather each color together to give it a smooth and seamless look. The final part is called stippling, which is where I paint dot by dot to complete the realism of the image. All of this is done with a paintbrush the size of a pinhead.”

Steven Mann

Chief Operating Officer

Steven R. Mann is a seasoned executive with 30 years of management experience dating back to 1984 where he owned and managed MicroEnergies in California which was responsible for marketing solar through a solar fund that pre-capitalized commercial solar systems for the condominium markets. In 1988, he was the youngest VP of Sales & Marketing (at age 32) at Great Expectations. Was responsible for 60 employees in the 4 corporate owned Centers as well as 40 franchises nationwide, which included responsibilities for communication and sales training programs for the 40 franchised locations.

In 1992 Mr. Mann and his father in law purchased a small cabinet shop in Las Vegas, Nevada and increased sales from $700,000 with 8 employees to the largest independent custom cabinet and closet company in the United States with sales in excess of $15,000,000 dollars with 190 employees. Mr. Mann sold the company, Crowne Closets & Cabinetry, to a Chicago based equity company in 2007.

In 2009, Mr. Mann re-founded MicroEnergies, LLC which developed modular energy projects in the waste to energy sector. In 2012, MicroEnergies merged with Global Clean Energy, Inc. where he successfully developed multiple energy projects under the GCEI company banner. Negotiated contracts for feedstock, off take agreements, site locations, technology etc. for projects ranging from $15 million to $25 million dollars.

Joined Sulzberg Sports Media & Fine Art as CEO in July of 2014 to take the company into the next phase of its direction with athletes, and distribution nationally and internationally.

Saul Escudero

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Equipped with over 20 years of experience building sales and managing accounts, and as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Advent Communications, Saul used his substantive executive experience to launch a multitude of nationwide companies. Saul has also worked with numerous charities and foundations like NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, and USTA. He brings a wealth of experience in event planning and corporate branding representing luxury brands like Luis Vuitton Hennessey (LVMH).

Throughout his career, Saul has made a name for himself as a strategic thinker and motivational leader. He has been consistently delivering industry-leading results by driving company growth through new product roll outs, strategic market planning, customer acquisition, and brand management. With his leadership skills and networking experience, Saul has the ability to meet or exceed the sales goals, use his marketing intelligence to ensure brand competiveness, and create new effective branding and marketing strategies for any company.