Sulzberg Sports Media & Fine Art, LLC (“SSMFA”) provides marketing and distribution for a broad range of sports themed art by Bruce Sulzberg.

Artist Bruce Sulzberg

Enjoy our sports themed art in a “most unique” form. Enjoy the life-like 3-dimensional effect of acrylic paints on layers of acrylic glass.

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Sulzberg Sports Media + Fine Art has been established with the objective of bringing Bruce Sulzberg’sTheme art to a larger audience, outside custom dissertation writing services the traditional fine art community. Bruce Sulzberg’s 3-Dimensional art is especially effective in dramatically presenting essay help sports in action. The sense of motion, although frozen in time, is almost like witnessing it in person and an athlete in the prime of their talent. Bruce’s artistic abilities and process carries the full drama of sport into the realm of fine art. Currently we have Rafael Nadal, Prince Fielder, Muhammad Ali, Dirk Nowitski,Michael Jordan, Kasey Kahne, John Elway 3D Paintings available for purchase. We are in negotiations with many more and urge you to continue visiting our site to see if YOUR favorite becomes a “SSMFA Painting” soon!